Politics, sexuality, mental health, poverty, rape, murder, abortion, bullying, whatever tricky taboo topic I post about, talk about, share on my page gets me in a lot of trouble. Some people think I am unconventional, others think I am troubled - maybe psycho, a bunch thinks I’m hella cool, it’s not always easy to listen to random or close human beings giving out their opinion about you. I am never one to care, but sometimes things get out of hand, things are misunderstood, society starts getting mad. It ain’t always very pretty. 

Some people turn to praying, others to sports, some to meditation, I to writing. All of my years of living I've used ink on paper to express myself. Whether it's sliding letters under my Mother's bedroom door explaining to her why was I such a pain in the derrière the night before, attacking politicians, or talking about what I went through during the day, a pen and a paper have always been my saviors for shour.

 Finding out that each year our generation -Generation Z - is constantly shoved to the side by aging men and women that tend to purposefully forget that this is our time to shine and our future to build was probably the biggest motive for me to start thinking out loud.

As I upgraded from having a simple blog to owning an entire website, I wanted people to know that Gen Z, all the issues and good things happening during my time and my love for writing drove me to create Shour

Opening up my thoughts and ideas to people, especially in my society, have gotten me one hell of a - or in that case many - reputation. I had a completely different introduction to my website, I want people to truly understand the things I blog or post about. 

One thing I really do detest more than any possible human or supernatural creation is ignorance. I was born to an open-minded family that endored knowledge, culture, freedom of thought and expression, acceptance, openness and the importance of being as educated about life as possible. I grew up with all those qualities until I fully developed them to become who I am today. 

I still learn and experience new adventures each day hoping to keep on growing and nurturing my soul as I go on in this life. I try to share those qualities with people when they approach me or on my social pages - which is pretty rad! I believe in knowledge and I believe that people have a right to it. And so I share what I know and the things I learn in hopes of helping someone, inspiring another and maybe changing a toxic thought in a person’s mind. 

I am not perfect and I will never claim this wonderful absurdity. It’s kinda fab to be a breathing, living, sinning human and I let myself be that. I like to remind people that it’s okay to be that too. It’s okay to love your body, to have sex or not to, to hate Joumblatt or Geagea, to understand the severity of poverty-stricken Yemen, to be yourself, to love unconditionally, to enjoy life, to wholeheartedly feel pain, to invest in yourself, to be free, but most importantly to listen, learn and stay open to knowledge. 

I might not always say things you like, post things you like, in the way you like, it’s just how I do things. I try to do better and be better for myself and for this universe. I encourage all of you to be. Be receptive to knowledge, accepting of others and nurturing to yourself. I fall sometimes and I most certainly fuck up big time, but if my experiences and my thoughts and ideas could help somebody else feel better, get inspired or maybe learn something new then I’m all good. 

I’m constantly building Shour to be a safe space for myself and for people who vibe with me too. I will continue to be me, post what I like, learn from my mistakes and urge people to live, learn and love life. 

“After a while of sharing snippets of my thoughts on various social media platforms, I have decided to establish my own empire and cement my place in the universe of blogging and journalism. The process of starting and launching this blog has been a never-ending rollercoaster ride, but after months of carelessly neglecting my newly bought blog here I am.”

Given my very perplexing persona, the categories here will range from travel diaries, to make up preferences, politics, books, world issues, clothing, etc., which I guess is not a surprise to all of you. I named my blog Shour as it is a Persian synonym for passion, excitement, frenzy, and emotion; a miniature universe. My miniature universe.

I shourly cannot thank all y’all- my online family (and haters) and the people around me - enough for riding this wave with me. Y’all keep me humbled, sane, determined to keep learning, do better and be better. Here’s to more, always more! 

Love,  Kimberly