From Grandfather to Father to Son: What now?

A lot of people know how vocal I am about my political views and to what extent I'll go to make it loud and clear that I absolutely loathe it - loathe the politicians in Lebanon actually. I've never admired any of their political work. Ever. Do they even work to begin with? I detest their carelessness, their vainglorious attitudes towards the people, their stealing asses, and I blame them for the failure of this country in all the sectors.

I took the liberty, ever since I started writing, to call them any names that come to mind. From dysfunctional, to a herd of pigs, assholes, ignorant shits.. you name it. The thought of a bunch of useless men and a woman sitting in that parliament/ministy (as rarely as they do) makes me sick to my stomach. Has anyone ever wondered what they talk about? I'll tell you: how to steal money, expanding their convoys, what bullshit to feed their citizens in the next Interviews, and oh! how to steal money.

With all due respect, I don't even find Mr. President fit to govern. Why? He is 84 ruling a country of ever-growing teens and young adults. Evolution? Forget about it.

I have never met any political figure in Lebanon personally. Truthfully I never attack them on an intimate, personal level. It's none of my business and I honestly couldn't care less about their private lives. It's private for a reason. But what I will never cease to do as long as they are part of the government is criticize their work, because let's be honest; their incompatibility to this job is what causes Lebanon to regress. Come to think about it, the same politicians who are present now have been present ever since Lebanon gained its Independence. Well not technically them, but their ancestors. You know - the whole family tree.

Now in 2018, this father-to-son passing down of a place in the government is still an ongoing phenomenon. To my knowledge, Taymour Jumblatt and Tony Frangieh have been extremely blessed this year after both their daddies Walid and Sleiman respectively passed down their valuable spots in the parliament to these two adorable men.

As a Zghertewie citizen, people almost automatically assume that I belong to the Frangieh or Mouawad political parties and that my entire family owns guns. Yeah and don't forget these annoying jokes about how I will shoot anyone who bothers me. Cliché les amis, get over it. Anyway, so now that Tony is the newest candidate to the parliamentary elections taking place in May, everyone is up my ass again assuming that I and my entire family are voting for him and cheering him on.

Firstly, politics is not an extremely significant topic in my family. Second, we all share different opinions. I'm sorry to disappoint y'all by saying that I am not very enthusiastic or pleased with either Taymour or Tony's engagement in this fake festival this coming May. Nothing personal here, it's just that political heredity is a huge NO-NO for me. No. Absolutely no. I'm not trying to rob these young men of their spotlight or of their hopes and dreams but this entire situation is undeniably unfair. Unfair for reasons I cannot keep count of anymore. Why would I or actually an eligible voter accept the son of the son of a former politician? Why should this be forced upon anybody? Why should the chances of other dedicated, determined and prosperous young ladies and gents be taken away just because someone else has a family history in politics?

This repetitive mistake of handing politics or anything political from generation to generation, for me, is absurd. It's the most crucial reason why our young generation constantly travels to study and work abroad, the reason why Lebanon's economic growth is not growing, the reason we - as Lebanese - detest evolution and change. We live in a society where middle aged men and women would kill to stay in their esteemed positions of CEOs, business owners, politicians, bank owners, magazine owners, all of it. We live in a society where the fresh, vibrant ideas of an upcoming generation is thrown in the garbage because they are not good or experienced enough. All people who have been in businesses for over 20 years feel so entitled to their positions that they refuse to make space for all the new faces. It's the same in politics.

Some blinded citizens who allow this political heredity to proceed are the same ones who nag about the lack of opportunity for their kids, the same ones who encourage, nay, pressure their kids and everyone else's kids to travel and establish themselves abroad, the same ones who are unwilling to give up what they have - which is rotten by now I'm sure.

We are all familiar with this saying "Actions Speak Louder Than Words". Mr. Frangieh was cool, calm, and collected in his first solo televised interview . A younger, more confident version of his father, Tony went ahead promising a better Lebanon t through his responses. I tried to find hope in this, a spark of development maybe.

With all my heart, again despite my intolerance of this hand-me-this-shit-down process, I pray and hope that this new generation of politicians will not let people down once again. If this goes the wrong way, and these gentlemen will be involved in the continuous fuckup of other political idiots, then I don't know honestly I don't think I'll have any more words to depict this rubbish and the embarrassment.

For now, let us hope for the best. Let us believe that this is a positive progression. Don't hope too much though. Not too much.

Love, Kimberly