This is not a matter of certain religious, political, racial or ethnic group; this is for every single Lebanese citizen. 

*Please open your eyes and brains while reading the next few paragraphs and try to keep an open mind as well. Ignorant, passive, political, religious or any other derogatory and unnecessary comments will not be tolerated around here. Thank you.

Over the last few years, I've candidly expressed my limitless abhorrence towards all Lebanese politician's corrupt organizations and appalling conduct. It isn't a personal issue at all. I've never had the honor of meeting any of them or ever being graced with their presence. In fact, I don't really care because it will never change the way I think of them. It's always going to be the same old bunch of lunatics controlling or actually "trying to control" one of the most beautiful countries in such foolish ways.

I was born in family that has never idiolized any governor and was raised similarly. I grew up in a circle of love, appreciation, respect, knowledge and culture. Ignorance and bigotry were and are still not tolerated at home. I was always aware of certain nasty events taking place every precious moment of every precious day. Though nothing and no one prepared me for all the inexplicably horrendous crimes, massacres, slaughters, wars, fights, hate; inhumane repricussions of religious, racial and political rivalry.

Today, I am at a certain age where I have my own opinions about everything I see, hear, feel  and live, and what I saw today was one of the biggest disappointments ever.

Afters decades and decades Lebanon fights wars for the sake of freedom, for the sake of abolishing intolerance and ignorance and instead highlighting its historical achievments  and cultural evolvement, some imbeciles -*ahem* politicians, democrats and bogus religious men- insist to ruin every accomplishment and reignite conflicts between Lebanese citizens that could turn to cold-blooded wars.

Mrs. Setrida Geagea decided to indirectly pin some citizens of different tribes and political views against each other somehow while giving a very, very moving and empowering speech.

I unfortunately have to keep repeating that this post is not in favour of one group over another, nor because my own hometown was attacked before any of you decides to jump to conclusions.This is an issue deeper than all the political crap. This is an attempt (whether intended or not) to farther expand the already existing gap between our citizens of different political biases. 

Enough of this sickening bullshit already. I am fed up with witnessing the people of my country raise pistols to each others heads because of minor differences like that. I am tired of witnessing opinionated, shallow, middle-aged men and women transferring all their aggressively intolerant biases to the coming generations. I am nauseated with the same old, same old filth roaming our country.

I am genuinely saddened that I was provoked by a Woman today while writing this. A woman who was so brutally bombarded by such slanderous comments all over social media. Though, I am also immensely disappointed by the unreasonable actions of a greatly publicised figure. Instead of encouraging national unity, we praise animosity.

I every so often compare our critical situation to the ones in the more developed countries in the Milky Way, such as Germany, France, the United States, Singapore, and the list goes on. I see nations standing up for themselves, for each others, for their rights and for the rights and benefits of others. I admire their courage to display invincible united fronts when something alarming threatens the safety of their lands despite the internal bickers and conflicts.

When attacks first broke in European countries, I cannot remember how many times I watched the people rioting on the streets, walking, screaming, preaching and crying together as one. I will never forget when the Eiffel Tower lit off how the rest of the universe dimmed the lights of their most significant monuments in solidarity with France. I cannot recall how many post of encouragement crowded my Instagram and Snapchat accounts with words of love and unity. The absurd loads of money donated to charities rectifying damages. We can even see that today after the horrid crisis in the Caribbean a huge number of American actors, business men and women, entertainers, singers, and citizen donated millions and millions of dollars to help revive these depressed Islands.

Look where we stand compared to them.

Despite all the bullshit occurring the all these numerous states, from presidents with fake tans and wigs, to cultural diversity, ethnic differences, and every last problem you can think of everyone manages to throw all these aside and stand as one when catastrophes emerge.

What do the majority of us do here?

We pin man against man. Women against Women. Muslim against Muslim. Jew against Jew. Christian against Christian. All three against each others. Kids against their country. Religion against sexuality. Corrupt politics and governors sucking blinded people deeper and deeper into their dirty , little traps. We disregarded every accomplishment, every sacrifice, ever veteran's work, every single drop of sweat, every effort, all the graciousness, the honor, the culture, the history , shit on it and then proceeded to fuck the situation up even more.

If we were only taught, and if we do teach the newer generations to love each other, themselves and their country as much as we drill politics, intolerance and hatred in the minds our country would flourish in more ways than one.

I've been writing about this exact same situation for years, talking about the same repulsive series of unfortunate events taking place and I am yet to witness a major change.

I am sure that few years from now, when I am raising my own children, I'll get to tell them about the historical evolution that turned some Lebanese ego, indifference, and prejudice into a unanimous, impregnable force. A gentle yet powerful force that fought for the actual freedom of man, for unity, true patriotism and genuine love.

One love, one heart, one force. We are never broken.