The Internet: Fuck.

The Internet. The fucking Internet.

I think the first time I learned that the internet existed is when my mum and her sisters or friends would be going out for dinner and she used to connect me on her (now ancient, unusable) laptop to play those kitchen and dress up games. Well yes, I was this annoying, clingy child that would always want to butt in on old people stuff. I was like 6, I guess? Good times people, good times.

In the 3rd grade, I was introduced to YouTube through my ex-classmate's mother. She used to be a teacher in our school. Growing up in Sabis, we had to read those classreaders throughout the entire year. Now if I remember correctly, back then we were reading Crazy Horse. Okay, now long story short, Mrs. Sawsan (I miss you! You were cool, woman!) was picking up her son late one afternoon and started telling me how she and Adam were watching the Native American fights described in the book on "YouTube". It was a revelation. I was stunned.

A couple of years later, my mum let me open a FaceBook account. If you had an account on FB you were the fucking G.O.A.T guys. (Please don't ask me about my account now because I will deny I even had one.) Mark Zuckerberg, there is a special spot saved for you in hell. Sincerely Every child embarrassed by his folks on FB.

Moving on.

Then, *drumrolls please*, BBM emerged. I begged my mother for years to grant me the permission of buying a BlackBerry. She wouldn't budge. Until one day. Thanks, mother. BBM was a genius innovation, the world had never seen anything similar to it before. Wow, the days.

Year after year, a million new Apps hit the iOS and Android markets. Some fail, others gain extraordinary fame, such as WhatsApp, Vine, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat and so many more. Google revolutionized the entire damn universe. A Spanish word you don't understand? Google! News? Google! Research???? GOOGLE! Need medical advice? Gooooooogle!

Scientific development, pictures, history, advice, translation, books, music, travels, shopping, cooking recipes, house hunting, humiliating your boyfriend, donating for good causes, these are just a few attributes the internet provides us with. This cyberspace was supposedly conceived for the betterment and facilitation of human life. However, because humans will always be evil and troublesome in their nature, the Internet is an unsafe, dark place to be - especially if you don't have thick skin.

What started as a means of communication, creation, an outlet of news and ideas is now a platform for show-off, artificiality, jealousy, hatred, bullying and any illegal activity of that kind. How typical of us humans. Babies today are born with an iPad in hand. Kids are web experts. They can navigate their way through the internet better than anyone else now. The entire world is digitalized; even schools! People are dependent on their phones, their laptops, their 4g and wifi connections. The world functions in that manner now.

Everyone is exposed to the internet, it isn't a luxury disposable for some and not for others. So naturally, almost everyone is connected on Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, and WhatsApp. It is estimated that 51% of the world population has internet access. I've come to realize that the more people connect the more miserable people are becoming. I log on Instagram almost every day, sometimes more than twice a day. I go in there searching for pretty feeds, suggested restaurants and areas to visit, information of the world around me, fashion news, good content; things that I like, that are interesting to see and look into.

What I find apart from that, is hate. Hate in its purest, most real, most terrifying form. I read comments that are heartbreaking. People wait for one another for the sole purpose of hating and harassment. Some even humiliate other via Instagram or other Apps. Violence, guns, and bullying are somehow looked over but God forbid a woman's nipple is showing in a picture. People would rather see kids being bombed to death but not an artistic picture of a model naked. Oh no!


People cannot differentiate between an editorial picture of a Chanel dress and Gucci bag and someone trying to validate themselves using expensive brands.

It is always funny to me how some users are insistent on publishing their most horrid, unwanted opinions of others and of situations on Social Media. So what if I want to post my boobs on Snapchat, Linda? Oh great to know that you are a ride-or-die Trump supporter, Betty!


People always have something to say. Always. When, in fact, most times it is no one's damn business. Why not talk about the war in Syria? The abduction of land and Human Rights and Freedom in Palestine? The crisis in Yemen? Sex trafficking? The millions of rape cases in India? The refugees being held captive by the Trump administration? Kids being beaten every minute? Constant murders of innocent people? The Black Community? People of color? The harassment LGBTIQ+ endure on a daily? Fraudulent, manipulative governments and politicians?


Is that not something to advocate for? Is that not something all you big-mouthed, opinionated, rude people should be gossiping about? I was always one to be so careless of other people's views of me. I still don't care, not much has changed. But now, I don't feel safe on the internet anymore. I don't feel safe posting a bikini picture, not because I lack confidence or I hate my body, but because some people are pure assholes and make you feel like shit.

I never seek validation from people like you or anyone else. I can put up with it because I am confident, I know who I am and I trust that. However, that doesn't mean that all these nasty comments and judgemental looks don't irk me. I'd rather take cool, artistic pictures, edit them and keep them safe in a folder on my phone than sharing them with individuals whose entire existence depends on criticism and verbal abuse.  

The internet started making me aware of every little insecurity, every little flaw. Things started to get to me and I wasn’t comfortable at all being online. Especially in a society where things are misunderstood and blown out of proportion. It wasn’t easy or fun for me to be out and about on the Internet. So I can only imagine what people who are victims of cyberbullying and online hate go through and how they manage to get out of that bad environment and mental state.

Don't stand there in my face babbling about how "it is not cool to be showing your skin to the public" or that "some of the things you write are too open and honest" or "your view on politics is wrong". No. Shut up. The Internet is not safe anymore. It never actually was, but now it is horrible. I'm not talking about the psycho hackers who knock down CIA webs or dig up governmental files - you guys are fucking cool. If only I was as rich as my amigo Zuckerberg, I'd finance you. I'm talking about all you people waking up every day to gossip, ruin people's lives, and shatter their confidence. Have a seat, asswipes.

Let people who are of no danger or harm to anyone live their lives and post whatever on Social Media and start focusing on the real, atrociously violent societal issues happening across all seven continents that are soon-to-be nonexistent because of this ignorance.

If you are worried about your 7-year-old kid seeing Kim K's tits on Instagram, maybe you should be asking yourselves 'Why is my toddler on Instagram?' and hand them a book instead.

Let People feel comfortable with themselves on The Internet.

The Internet. The fucking Internet.

LOL, Kimberly