Companies are now creating and selling underwear with locks. Companies are now creating and selling underwear with locks for women. Companies are now creating and selling underwear with locks for women that can only be unlocked by the wearer herself. Companies are now creating and selling underwear with locks for women that can only be unlocked by the wearer herself to prevent rape.

Let me make sure you completely understand and are not as dumbstruck as I was at first: This article I read a while ago somewhere between Google or Instagram featured an underwear that is made to obstruct a rape. How? Exactly what I mentioned above: it contains a lock. You know the lock you use to secure your travel bags, the door of your house, the secret fluorescent-pen diary you had when you were 9? Yeah same shit, only it looks different, a little flatter, and it locks an unwanted access to your vagina.

"A group of young men produced a nail-polish that helps identify rape-drugs in drinks. When wearing the varnish, you stir your drink with your finger and it changes color within seconds to notify you of certain drugs in your drink."

This creation is just absolutely genius.
 I also fished that article somewhere between Google and Instagram!

But allow me to ask, why should human beings have to go through hell and crawl back to Earth coming up with specific products to block out potential rapes or roofies then rapes?

A few days ago, some sick idiot from a fake private Instagram account shared a story of me in a bikini on his page then proceeded to say to me That ass though. I had this picture on my Instagram profile picture a couple of days before, also some of my close friends have the picture too. Matter of fact even my mother has it on her phone. I looked at the DM he/she sent in utter disbelief:

I was impressed - again - by how fab my back arch and ass looked. However, 
I was infuriated by the fact that this psycho had the audacity to use my picture without my permission and harass me like that.

I was never one to hate my body. I always admired the figure that had carried -and still is carrying- my soul, brain, and my entity for these past 16 years. I have stretch marks above my knees and around my hips, lots of them. I have to go get my legs waxed almost every two damn days because ugh. My stomach looks as flat as a mat sometimes, other days I have a belly and thighs that make me want to break all mirrors in the house. Sometimes my stomach bloats so badly I look 6 months pregnant . It's just who I am. And I appreciate that.

I also appreciate and admire all the people who are as empowered with their bodies or work on that. Being an active human on the Internet can be scary and intimidating cause people online would roast and bully you senselessly if you eat buffalo sauce with your wings instead of BBQ and they don't like it. So imagine what they have to say about someone more significant; i.e. your body.

I gawked at my screen for about 0.5 seconds before I went nuts and completely lost my brain on this foolish idiot. Who are you to do that to my body you freak?  I was insulted and astounded. Not just because my privacy was whacked, but because I reflected on all the men and women who have been put in the same situations and more monstrous ones. I thought to myself ‘If I was this irritated and enraged by such an act of disrespect, how are others feeling when they are subjected to much worse?!’

In 5 minutes this person's account was down. But this woman's self-esteem, that child's innocence, this man's feelings, all these devastated humans, the damage is done. Hell, where did these bullies go? It is so easy to hate on other online and just simply, with a press of a button, delete an account. But how easy is it for someone to get over this cruelty and recover? Will the victim always report or have the chance to take measure? No, because he/she is terrified of judgment or threats against them or family, some feel lonely and helpless, the absence of a protective Government… No because of endless reasons.

In the beginning, I felt like a jerk for wanting to talk about this incident, but then again I felt entitled to raise the issue and offer whatever help I can. In the beginning, I felt repulsed like you cannot believe after this happened, and now I am even more disgusted. In the beginning I had tears in my eyes for the infinite abuse, rape, and harassment stories I've seen, read and heard, and now I still have these tears but I also have the power along with a thousand others to make this rubbish stop.

No one is asking for it. No one is asking for such an abominable act against them. Whether a girl is naked in the street, or a little boy seems fragile to you*, no one wants this rubbish.

There will be fights and arguments around the topic of what content men and women choose to post about their bodies/sexualities, and if this is an act of empowerment, vulgarity, or art. No matter what it is, there is no reason for anyone to trash others based on that, based on the idea that they are asking for it or the petty idea of 'I have extreme, unlimited superiority over another human and my opinion is to be heard and obeyed'.

In my position now, there is not much I can do to help any victim or even the molester. All I can do is raise awareness, talk about it, and tell you that I will be ready to listen, fight, and walk this healing journey with you. Yours is yours, and it is nobody else's. Never be afraid to say no and defend yourself regardless of how hard the situation is.

Respect your boundaries. Defend yourselves.

Love, Kimberly