Kids These Days

As a new time blogger, there are quite a few things people entering my world for the first time don't know about me. Obviously. For starters, I suck at writing introductions. The opening paragraph to any of my essays, messages I send to a person who is pissing me off, or emails, anything, literally anything is just not my cup of tea no matter how much I try and how much effort I put in it. Once I squirm my way through the foreword, I can write about any topic for days nonstop. Until I reach the second paragraph you'll just have to suck it up and, well, just... suck it up.

The past few months, on many different occasions, I've been put in situations where I pause and think, 'Are the teens in Lebanon looked upon as incompetent and childish, undeserving of any opportunities, respect or credit whatsoever ?'

In the simplest positions such as getting my nails done; if I am visiting a nail bar for the first time - different than the one I usually frequent -  I  have to constantly remind the aesthetician how to care for my nails in a somewhat decent way, while noticing how she carelessly files my nails, and draws the worst French tips ever. I refrain from pondering how little she thinks of me given the fact that I am her youngest client because if I do, it won’t end well.

 It saddens me, not because I paid 10,000 L.L. to end up with a bad manicure, but because so many others my age and a tad older end up in circumstances like this one, but only worse.

I can keep talking to you about all the emails I have sent to magazines, newspapers, couture houses, editors-in-chief, you name it, for summer internships, hell I've even spammed some of them with my never-ending loop of messages but guess what? No damn answer. But when I do send my resumes to summer camps abroad, they keep on calling nonstop to get ahold of me and ensuring that I am still interested in being part of their program.

Each new generation -whether in Taiwan, Iraq, Colombia, Canada, Germany, etc.- was given the opportunity to cause a change in human history. Some generations created the Physics we are taught today, others discovered that the world was round, some fought in the name of freedom, or preached anti-racism, religion or love. Every group of people, living in a certain time, devoting their energy and time to a belief dear to their hearts, all of them were given opportunities or even they, themselves, constructed their own.

Despite the unconditional love I bear for my nation (another thing you'll eventually get to see with each post), it with much sorrow, annoyance, and rage I tell you that we haven't had this fresh, blissful change in a while.

Ever since our political system began getting rusty with the same old, same old dysfunctional legislators and politicians that are handing their sons, grandsons and the rest of their family tree their bloody positions in the parliament and ministry, our beloved Lebanon hasn't anticipated any development.

When 50, 60, and 90-year-old politicians that had their entire family govern before and still govern today, I doubt we will breathe new air.

I listen to many middle-aged men and women I know to recite the same "Our system will never change, we will never improve" speech. I wonder who keeps on voting and cheering on the ancient bunch of governors, huh? It is these same men and women that cease to listen to the youth, that drill their own beliefs into the vulnerable minds of their kids. The same men and women that disregard us teens and fresh college graduates and shove us violently to the sides. The same bunch of people who refuse to take notice of our political views, our knowledge and education, our talents, and our limited drive and passion. The same people who criticize all these extraordinary young citizens trying to voice out their opinions and amaze the entire universe with their unparalleled skills. All the young men and women that crave this sense of completion, that want to spread their wings so badly but are just blocked from a rotten community of people here.

I see all these youngsters on Instagram, with their amazing self-made outfits, outstanding science projects, beautiful artworks, Ivy League college degrees, ones who evoked riots and commenced charities for the benefit of the needy; the needy that our government is too busy stealing money to notice and that the judgemental older generation disregard as well, working so hard to be noticed and to fructify their very own empires. I am one of them, my 5,6,8 and 13-year-old cousins are part of them too. So are you. So are your siblings. To the mothers and fathers reading this, so are your children, and theirs too.

Think about all the chances we are robbed off of. All the lack of education, that if treated could end wars and save nations. Imagine all the novelty and liveliness in Lebanon and many other underdeveloped countries will live and prosper to be, if only we were given a chance. Imagine if once in our lives we hear the screams of the Youth, the voices of the future. Imaging the wealth we will witness. Not just financial wealth, but also the richness of minds, souls, education and good deeds.

If only so many of you, of us, of politicians, of the entire world gave a damn about all of us - the Youth - and our future, the level of development our nation would witness and how little bigmouthed, pigheaded, thieving  ignorants would still say "Hayda Lebnen, ma tghayar walla rah yetghayar".

To all of the growing babies reading this, never allow anyone to dull your sparkle and convince you that Lebanon is never going to change, that it is never enough. You grow, Lebanon grows with you. The future is ours, our time is now. We either stand tall and fight with the exceptional capacity of our Phoenician-Arab brains, or we sink to the same level of the people diminishing us.

Lots of love and hope, Kimberly