How I Met Blu

Blu and I met on Valentine’s Day, in one of our pole classes - ironic no? That day the class at Athletes Anonymous was absolutely freaking full, no room to breathe. I had just gotten my little heart tattoo and I was showing it Laura and then Blu popped out and that was the first time I’ve seen her in a pole class.


After stretching for about 15 minutes, Laura's loud-ass bubbly voice was probably heard all around Mar Mikhael saying: “OKAY SHARE POLES GUYS, IT'S VALENTINES !!!” and so it happened that I was standing behind Blu. The first thing I couldn't miss about her, other than her name, was her long, long golden claw-like nails.

I was so in love with her vibe, that careless, fuck you kinda aura. She looked and moved around like a bad bitch and I dug that. 

Class after class, I figured out that Blu was a singer. The first time I thought I had heard her song was during the Pole Showcase back in March when she performed to her hit-song (and one of my favorites) Jukebox.


Right then and there, I was fucking dead. Deceased. Done. I couldn't not vibe with her. We were kinda in the same bubble, on the same cloud. You look at her and powerful is what you get. She's fierce in a very feminine way. She has an attitude but in her very own way. She can work a room full of people without saying one word. That was BluBlu. Unapologetic.

Ever since that Jukebox moment, I've been following her every move. Over social media, we created some sort of cute bond and when it happens that we take the same pole class, it's always refreshing sitting for a quick chat with her and watching her spin. It's incredibly captivating the way she moves with such grace, confidence and a marvelous flow.


The more I heard her voice, the more I felt it was familiar I just didn't know from where. However, there was that song I like - actually it was a cover - but it just disappeared off the face of this universe. I tried finding it for years all over the Internet until I finally, sending blessings and thanks to the Gods, I did.

I kept comparing it to Blu's voice, they sounded so similar I just couldn't put my finger on it. So I decided once that I was going to ask Blu to cover that song, I felt that it would suit her tones and vocals so perfectly. I wanted to hear her version so fucking badly.


A couple of weeks ago, I was surfing w and decided to fish for her older pictures. Again, she exuded this unique energy and her feed is pretty cool so I wanted to see what the younger version of her looked like. I think I scrolled too far. I saw pictures that felt, once more, familiar. A chair, more like a throne. Platinum blonde hair. Black paint.

That was her.

That was the girl who covered that song many years ago, the one I couldn't help but adore. That was Blu!


After that it all made sense why I connected to her instantly, that was because I've somehow known her for such a long time and I was smitten with her ever since. Now, many years later, Blu is someone I actually know, someone I talk to and see. I clicked with her from the very beginning when she was just a person I've heard on TV until the moment we shared that pole.


Today, years into figuring out herself, producing and dropping some more marvelous tracks, Blu is a force to be reckoned with, an icon. With an EP coming our way , Fiefer teased her fans by dropping a song she'd written few years before and I couldn't be any prouder of her. With each lyric, each beat, Blu sends a message to people who are on the same wave as her. Boys, Like Scars - according to Blu - is a song that can be approached from various perspectives. To her, it came stemmed from an inner conflict: either the person she loves will take her as the woman she is and accept her or it was goodbye.

And now the entire EP is available for streaming! I’ve got all my friends hooked on her. Man, she’s a vibe. A way of life.


Click here to listen to Blu's newest EP !