Dear Diary

It's almost that time of the month again YAAYYYYYYYYYYYYAAYAYYYYYY!!!!!

Ok. No.

I basically loathe the week leading up to my cycle and the week of my cycle - obviously. It's like a river of emotions, and other things/fluids, I did not sign up for. There's nothing I hate more than being bombarded with a million different feelings all at once. I become super sensitive, cry for no reason, will get mad just because, my bed and I merge into one entity, I eat like a pig, and the worst part is that my body will constantly hurt for the entire duration of my monthly unwanted subscription to Lucifer's waterfall.

A bunch of people say that girls are the most turned on during their period, and whenever I hear that I ju.. I just look at whoever uttered that and think W T F, dude. I honestly don't understand how this is possible, because personally all I can think about is what I'm about to eat next, complain about how exhausted I am, cry 7 times a day, and plot the end of the male species.

Out of all the weird, bizarre things I do while menstruating , fantasising about abolishing the male breed is the most ludicrous of them all.

I can't stand males during these two weeks. I can't smell them, see them, hear them, tolerate their existence, feel their presence, bare their idiocy, and put up with their filth.

Sorry guys, but most of y'all are just annoying to me on the non-bloody days so imagine what I think of you while my own organs try to kill me.

Males, as much as I detest admitting it, drive me fucking insane. Do they want to talk, do they not want to talk? Do they understand what message you are trying to send across to them, do they not comprehend? Do they care?? Do they not? Is he hurt? Is he an asshole? Is he nice? Does he have a big mouth? Do they gossip? They don't? ARE THEY EVEN HUMAN? DO THEY FEEL ANYTHING OTHER THAN STARVATION AND THE NEED TO EJACULATE? DO YOU, YOU IGNORAMUSES?

I try not to sweat it, not to work myself up because of a male fellow but I can't. We live in a universe where there exists roughly 102 men to every 100 Women, so you cannot disregard their presence. Especially when they are extraordinarily moronic and pointless. I and many other females are obliged to interact with men sometimes, and -personally - the more dudes I meet, the more disappointed I get. It's distressing.

Sometimes I try to think that this is society's print on them, that they were raised this way and it isn't the individual's fault. Yet it's just not reasonable or fun for a woman to keep on justifying the foolish actions and behaviors of men.

Grow a pair of balls, guys. Stop being so naive, and surrendering to certain society "norms". It's absolutely foolish. Stand up for yourselves and your emotions. Cry when you need to. Speak up when you want to. Be gentlemen. Have class and learn etiquettes. Don't just be the "Meh" part of the community. Oh and most importantly, cease your gossiping like little lifeless manwhores, use your brains more.

Other than men being a pain in my ass right now (and the displeasure of vajayjay preparing me for future pregnancies), life's pretty smooth. But again because I'm so emotionally distraught à cause de monthlies I felt the extreme need to nag, fess, and pester someone. I turned my annoyingness into a post because Léa encouraged me to do that (You guys are all free to thank her)*.

On another note, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am currently working on my article regarding my experience when my mum was battling this deadly disease and also a few of my friends are helping me launch an awareness campaign in school this October. If any of you guys have any personal stories you'd like to share regarding your struggle with Breast Cancer or the journey of someone you know/close to you feel free to send them to me through my email or my Instagram. I'd like to post some up here in solidarity with both women and men who fought this misfortunate, malicious illness and to help raise more awareness.

I genuinely hope none of you guys reading this had to battle any forms of cancer, but if you did, you are a hero. A true, legendary hero.

Have a nice week, shhugaatits! Kimberly