Politics in the Arab World, specifically in Lebanon, is a topic that ought to be opened and mentioned at every table, in every conversation, in all occasions. It's a must, actually. However, you can't have a different opinion than the person or people you are debating with. Because if so, you just triggered WWIII.

In school, politics is a forbidden subject. Like seriously forbidden. You could get expelled mentioning politics or discussing religion, and rightly so. Though political debates sometimes push their way into our sessions, and that usually depends on the class and its content.

So yesterday, it happened that one of our lessons had to do with Lebanon’s history, the systems here and almost everywhere - and so we “debated”. Our conversation took an interesting turn reaching the Refugee crisis and given the various and opposing opinions, views, ideologies, idolizations too, each of us had something to say regarding that.

Some didn't mind, some didn't agree with Palestinians 'occupying' and 'taking over', others disagreed with the Syrian refugees, and some preferred some over the others. It was an endless stream of loud opinions, disagreements, 'LET ME SCHOOL YOU's, and quite a few school-appropriate insults.

“Refugees are coming into our homeland and taking what is ultimately ours. Imagine one of your friends was kicked out of their home, you welcome them into yours, right? Because you're good and sweet and caring. But then they want to change how your bathroom looks, or take over your bedroom, they start wanting your job, and slowly taking over your life! How would you feel? That's what refugees are doing! Our country is suffering on its own with a population of 4 million to care for, and they are still failing. Imagine what the government must've taken on when they welcomed in refugees, who - mind you - are getting more rights and help than the Lebanese citizens who are rightfully entitled to that.”


The only thing that makes sense to me out of all that unnecessary monologue, is that this country's government is failing and can't take up any more pressure than it already has.

Lebanon did take in a large number of refugees and maybe they shouldn't have for the sole purpose that they aren't able to care for them. I believe that as a so-called Arab Nation, we have a huge responsibility towards our brothers and sisters that share our same blood, our language, our heritage, and history.

Many Arab countries are financially capable of taking in refugees and also geographically, they have enough space to house the people who had to flee their own houses seeking refuge. However, they didn't for whatever reasons I don't know of.

Lebanese citizens aren't getting their rights, neither are Syrians, Palestinians, Libyans, Yemenis, and every other Arab country currently undergoing some sort of government failure or horrendous war. We are lucky enough to still be living on our own land and not have to flee, leaving our homes in ashes.

The Palestinians and Syrians that eeeverryyyyonnneee is itching about and is feeling so attacked, offended, and mistreated by were forced to evacuate their motherland in search of a roof that would house them away from the bombs, ashes, medical issues, starvation, losses, and mental instability and death.

The refugees we are so unhappy with are suffering post-traumatic experiences, depression, anxiety, side effects of the war, some even poverty, others live in tents, while some have to beg the authorities for food and shelter.

The refugees we are so unhappy with are fighting nail and tooth for an education, for a good future, for a safe one too.

The refugees we are so angry with are the ones who are in some cases underpaid, overworked, and some are even denied the right to exercise their professions.

The refugees that are driving us insane are the same people we bully, the ones we use to compare to anything nasty and unleash all our bigotry and racism at.

“Yi lek shu nawre, metel l Soureh” (You look like a street rat, just like a Syrian.)

“Yi lek lawno hayda aswad mwasakh metel l Pakestene” (Look at his dirty dark skin, looking just like a Pakistani.)

I can't even explain how many times I've heard youngsters and the older generation using refugees as insults and for bully purposes.

The refugees that are pissing us the fuck off have taken nothing from us. How so? Because we have done nothing. We still refuse to do anything. However, we do nag. We nag that we are suffering. It's true we are, but it has nothing to do with the refugees coming to us for help.

Our issues stem from us being somehow ignorant, passive, and aggressive. Our issues stem from a government comprised of a bunch of self-absorbed, imbecile, useless asswipes that confidently steal money from us, drowning us in more debt than the GDP of some fucking countries.

If we could just take a moment and get off the backs of the people who are losing their homes and countries to avoidable yet destructive chaos and maybe - just maybe - start focusing on boycotting this circus of a parliament and ministries.

I may not know all the little secrets and loops of politics. I may not know each and every detail regarding all the political tactics and issues like many other people do. But I do know some things; I know about the obvious lack of humanity and I know about a failing political system in Lebanon.

A few years from now, I may become more immersed in politics, more knowledgeable, and I might change my views and ideologies and practices, but now? Now, I am 100% sure that if any of us were in a similar situation, we would've shut our trap.

Why is it okay for me to take up a scholarship to the best university in Qatar, live there, and my mother works there too, but it ain't an issue. No one has a thing to say about it when in reality my mother and I are stealing a job and a spot in a top university from another Qatari citizen. But that's okay because we're financially secure and not really dying for rescue.

Why was it okay when in WWI and II, British parents sent their children off to safe countries and away from the war? Those children were taken in and welcomed by families from all over the world. Didn't they also take the spots of other citizens and their rights?

Think right.

Love, Kimberly