A Love Beyond Words

Today, Thursday March 8th, the world is celebrating another successful Women's Day, and I am falling in love all over again. Opening up my socials to see the neverending posts parading Women made me fall in love all over again. The panels, workshops, meetings, businesses, jobs, careers, magazine , websites, NGOs celebrating the Women they work with made me fall in love harder. The boys, men, Girls, Women, fathers, mothers, brothers, friends, couples, teachers, workers, CEOs, helpers, patients, soldiers, lovers, grandads, grandmas, waiters, journalists, hosts, strippers, cleaning engineers, transgenders, homosexuals, fighters, revolutionaries and game changers wishing Women well, praising Women, and honoring Women on this phenomenal day made me fall in love to an extent I never knew existed.

'In love with what exactly?' In love with remarkably unshakeable force of Women around this universe. Today, more than anyday, my heart is swelling with this pure love I am witnessing. My heart swells every time I watch a panel, an interview, a video or read a post, an article, a message or even experience firsthand the sublime power of Women.

I wish you could walk in my shoes and feel this incredible rush of emotions I sense. In the years that I've grown to become more open, outspoken, mature and madly enamored with the blessing that was bestowed upon me; being born a female, I've learned about a plethora of unparalleled Women who revolutionized the Milky Way.

When I was first pondering about what to write about today or who to mention, I decided to hop on the web and research 'Phenomenal Women' or 'Women who made an impact' and I was flooded with results. I froze for a minute, 'Where the hell do I start?' I had no damn clue. From Maya Angelou, Oprah, Hariet Tubman, Clara Barton, Margaret Sanger, Frida Kahlo, Shirley Chisholm, Rosalind Franklin, Indira Gandhi to Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams, Tawakul Karman, Joumana Haddad, Nawal Al Saadawi, Amal Alameldine, Michel Obama, Mother Theresa, Aung San Suu Kyi, Angelina Jolie.. The world's most famously influential Females; this list is neverending. Then we have the Women in Africa, Yemen, Syria, Libya, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan who lack the simplest rights, raising their children in poverty stricken and war wrecked countries. The Women who are diagnosed with Aids and cannot find proper treatment, the Women deprived of education, the Women who are forced into rape, slavery and marriages, the Women who travel from state to state to support their families, the Women who create life, who raise generations, the Women who are working around the clock to prove themselves, to gain respect that is their right, and to try to reach a time where they are viewed and treated as equally as men.

These Women- these fierce, exceptional Females from all around the globe, doing their best and the most are the Women we parade today and everyday. These Women who are called whores, sluts, useless, idiots, annoying, self centered, who are subjected to bigorty and injustice, who are being overshadowed, under appreciated and belittled are the Women we parade today and everyday.

No matter whether you like her or you don't, she is a force to be reckoned with, she is a force of change, a breath of fresh air, the vision of the future. My heart is full seeing every Female and every person with a feminine side cheer and empower one another. I am beyond proud of a movement that has shook unjust nations, laws, and societies from the core and are changing the world with every step they take.

I, too, am surrounded with a group of astounding Women, and without them there is no me. There is no me at all: The director, AQCs, SLC and teachers in my school; the ones who have never failed to make me enjoy going to school despite any problems I face. These ladies have took me in as their own daughter and helped me beyong belief in all stages of my ever-changing life. I owe you everything.

Laura, my pole baby, and all the ladies in this class; a million thank yous for believing in me, spotting me and pushing my ass to the pole everytime I needed a hand - or in this case an ass. You guys are superheroes. Laura, my love, sorry for stealing all your grip! LOL I love you. I owe you everything. (Also now my body is bangin' cause of you!)

The Women I meet over Social Media; you Women inspire me, encourage me and love me so much it makes me so grateful, regardless of the fact that I don't know any of you. You people rock. I will always be there by you. I owe you everything.

My ggguuuurrrrllllfffriiiieennnddsssss; I don't even know how to translate my emotions into words. All I can say is that I adore you people beyond words and beyond belief. Your rocksolid support has pushed me past my limits, to places I was so afraid to step in. Some of you took me in as part of your family. Some of you handled my constant sobbing for such a long period of time. Some of you have seen my worst and still stuck with me. I am so proud of each and everyone of you for the intelligent, wise beyond your years, internal and external beauty, your joyous vibes, supportive characters and loving nature. I can not wait to see what you boss babes will be a few years from now. I love y'all. My ride(s) or die. I owe you everything.

Last but not least, my beautiful family; my 3 aunties and Teta I can't verbally explain how much I adore you 4. No matter how much I try I can never repay any of you for all the years of support, love, encouragement, appreciation, sacrifice and for teaching me everything I know today. You are my mentors and you will always be. I learn so much from what you do, and you manage to do it all with grace, poise, wisdom and passion. I hope I and your daughters will be half the Women you are. To my baby cousins - Marylynn, Caline and Joy - I am so thankful that I get to watch you grow a little more each day. 10 years from now, I am sure that you will take this world by storm just as you are now. You'll always be my little ones. I owe you my entire life.

Mamma! I don't think I possess the power to express my gratitude and admiration. For 16 years, I have never known a force as powerful and delicate as you. You have shown me that nothing in this entire damn universe is impossible, that nothing is out of my reach. It has been you and I for 16 years, and no matter how much I grow it will always stay this way. You've been through mountains of struggles and especially with this past year. Watching you battling cancer and growing again as a human being filled with immense amounts of hope made me love you even more than I do. I am beyong blessed to have you; the entire reason behind my being.

Dad, my uncles; thank you for each time you believed in me and helped me reach my goals. Having such father figures in my life sets the bar so high for who I want to be with in the future. You are Godsent. I love you!

All my guy amigos; your mammas did one hell of a job raising y'all. I salute you. The support some of you have showered me with, the unique lessons you have taught me, and the love you've given me is indescribable. For that, thank you.

To all the Women I know, the Women I might never know, and the Women I am yet to know, I hope your dreams come true, you shine through every corner, and continue to do so.

Happy Women's Day everybody! Here's to strong Women.

Love, Kimberly